Dr Syed A Husain and Respiratory Services
Kent Respiratory Care Limited

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Special Interests 

· Bronchial Asthma 

. COPD / Emphysema

. Unexplained Breathlessness 


Unexplained protracted Cough

· Lung cancer · 

· Pleural Eff­usion & Thoracic ultrasound

 · Lung Fibrosis & Sarcoidosis 

 · Asbestos related disease Mesothelioma 

 . Bronchiectasis 


· Interventional bronchoscopy 

· Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)

Private Practise:

The Team consists of Dr Syed Arshad Husain Respiratory Consultant,

Dr Phillipa Mills Consultant Chest Radiologist, Vee Jay Ganesh Consultant Chest Radiologist, Dr David Fish Consultant Histopathologist

He is a General and Respiratory Physician with Specialist interest in Respiratory diseases. He is able to see patients in his clinic within a week of referral but for urgent cases he is able to arrange review within 2-3 days of the referral. He is able to admit and take over care of any Medical or Respiratory patients requiring inpatient treatment at (KIMS) Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery, The BMI Somerfield Hospital, Spires Hospital Chatham and also admitting rights at Tunbridge wells Hospital Pembury at Wells suite

His Specialist tests he could offer includes:

Exhaled Nitric Oxide testing,

Allergy Testing,


Lung Function Tests

Pulse Oximetry and Oxygen assessments

Chest X-Rays,

CT Scan and PET scan along with

Bronchoscopy and Biopsy

The team works privately under umbrella of Respioratory Care Group